What materials are used to produce our components?

As the main material we use carbon fiber. Billet aluminum components and tough resins are also coupled.


How long does the surface quality of our products last?

It is not possible to give a certain answer to this question. The surface durability depended on various factors, for example, exposure to various climatic events (sun, heat, dust, salt, rain, humidity, etc.), lack of care or cleaning with aggressive detergents.

Is it possible to purchase spare parts?

Certain! It is possible to purchase spare parts by sending an email to support@carbonmarr.it providing us with the data relating to the order number and the part to be replaced.

Cleaning and care of products:

To clean our products we recommend using neutral detergents with water and a microfibre cloth. Do not use close contact pressure washers, aggressive detergents and abrasive sponges.


Our products are not approved for road use and therefore can only be used on private circuits. Carbonmarr disclaims any and all responsibility for the use made of our products.


Carbonmarr offers a two-year product warranty starting from the date of purchase.