About us

Carbonmarr is a project conceived and developed by Marco Fiore, born in 2000 and originally from a small town in Salento, Veglie, in the province of Lecce.
Moved by his primordial passion for motorcycles and everything that revolves around industrial technology, he founded the roots of this small company.
Already the owner of a 125 motorcycle at the age of 16, he perceived the need to design and create replacement components himself starting from composite materials, initially exclusively made of fibreglass. Subsequently, stimulated by the potential of carbon fibre, a topic explored in depth at school, he was fascinated by it to the point of perfecting his knowledge of this specific material himself with the aim of realizing his great and ambitious desire. Thus were born the protagonists of this new reality, the rear-view mirrors for supersport motorbikes.
There were quite a few difficulties at the beginning. The lack of economic availability to invest, considerable time and effort to dedicate to studies at school and in addition a still immature approach in the field. It was after 3 years of university in the engineering faculty that the first real turning point occurred. The opportunity presents itself to start working as a CNC operator with the final intention of gaining experience in the industry and at the same time being able to self-finance this DREAM.
It was the last months of 2021. It took two years of intense study, practice, preparation of the equipment and work areas necessary to accomplish this feat, until the appropriate quality standards were reached.

We have the duty and task to guarantee our customers maximum dedication and accuracy in producing the highest quality products. Constant study, determination and avant-garde are the values ​​on which this reality lays its foundations. We will be able to say we have won when our customers have the perception not of having a simple motorbike, but of being riding a real work of art.
Marco Fiore, founder of Carbonmarr


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